Immanuel is a growing, dynamic church dedicated to building relationships, serving the community and discovering God’s plan for our lives. At our main weekly Sunday Service you can expect a warm welcome, contemporary worship, encouraging talks,  and a chance for prayer, followed by refreshments. We are a Bishop Mission Order in the Church of England which means we can develop new forms of church whilst respecting Anglican traditions.

Graylingwell Chapel had been disused for 13 years and lies at the centre of a new housing development of 700 homes on a decommisoned NHS site.  In 2010 Immanuel re-opened the Chapel and have been worshipping there every Sunday since.  We are focussed on creating a vibrant, spiritual heart to the community and serving them in any way we can with where they are at.

Immanuel Church at Graylingwell Chapel is not a Parish Church. In fact we are located in the Parish of St Pancras, Chichester. But we are being given a special brief as a “network church” and “missional community” to live out our Christian faith in ways that connect with people in the City of Chichester and beyond.