Pressing The Pause Button

At this time, leading up to Easter, we are “pressing the pause button” as a church to give us an opportunity to seek God, pray for His leading and guidance regarding our vision and direction for the next three years, and then pray for wisdom to discover how we will implement this vision and build a God given strategy that will take the church forward.

You have a voice.

We want the whole church family to take part in this important exercise, so that together we can discern God’s will for the church and together we can move on and grow as a church family. We are looking for any insights, pictures, prophetic words, Bible verses that God gives to you in prayer, God inspired ideas and suggestions…

Stand Still. Stand Firm. Stand Together.

This was our theme on the 3rd of January, the first Sunday of the year, and this reflects our desire as a church to hear from God and allow Him to reveal His plans and purposes for us.

So how do we take part? Simply email your thoughts and insights to Richard and Jill who are collating all contributions from the church. The Leaders will then prayerfully consider what you have said and formulate a three year strategy based on the voice of the church family.

Please email Richard and Jill on:

Seek. Pray. Vision. Strategy