Nativity 2016

Well what a wonderful day Sunday was for Immanuel.  I had the privilege of spending my day with our community and was so blessed by being surrounded by the constant love and kindness of each person.

In our Family Service we were treated to the wonders of a modern day nativity where all our young people performed and did an amazing job.  For those of you who missed some of the lines I have acquired the script from our very own writer – Nick Taylor – and he has given permission for me to share it with the world.

Christmas Nativity Script 2016 – (click for the script)

We then had the joy of our Kids Social Christmas Chaos with angels of icing and wrapping paper printing as well as games and food and Jesus at the centre. Whilst this was going on we had a great time of prayer, seeking God for all our outreach and forward to 2017.

Then there was SOAK and oh my goodness what an uplifting evening, God broke into our time and we met with the King of Kings as we lifted his name higher and focused our undivided attention on him.

All in all a wonderful day.