Change is coming

At our church weekend back in May we heard the news that Immanuel Chichester was coming to the end of its stay at the Graylingwell Chapel.  The notice had been served for us to evacuate the building so that it can be prepared for its refurbishment and development into a community building.

We as a community of people have known that this was coming, we have endured the building in love as we have met there over the years and cold winters.  It has been somewhere we have called home and we have made our own, we have decorated and supplied it with a heart beat of music, lights and heat.  We have worshipped God there, and praised Him for the healing, restoration and peace He has brought to us.  We have served the community around the chapel and beyond with events throughout the years.

Now it is to be handed over to the Chichester Community Development Trust so they can develop it and bring it into the modern day, with facilities which will serve the community around them.

So where does Immanuel Chichester go?  We move.  We move because God is with us no matter where we go.  We move, because the Spirit is never still and our very own tag line tells us that we are ‘Rooted in the word, moving in the Spirit’.  We move, because Jesus told us to go into ALL the world, he himself was a nomadic preacher with a group of followers who travelled around.

God has and had a plan for Immanuel, the minute we received our notice, Paul sprung into action and asked his contacts.  As he asked, doors were flung open to us! Our God is so good.  Central School Chichester has welcomed us with open arms.  We have a new place to call home, we have a central position in Chichester, we have more than enough space to welcome new people, we have storage, we have favour.  Our God is so good.

So our plan is this;

June 25th we have a gift day to support the ministry of Immanuel in moving forward.

July 2nd we will be celebrating our church’s journey so far and saying goodbye to the Chapel.

July 9th we will be meeting in our new home, Central School and celebrating as we move ourselves into our new home.

Please do come and join us in this precious and significant time.