Immanuel Chichester has moved!

We said our final goodbyes to the Graylingwell Chapel on Sunday 2nd July 2017.  We remembered together the story so far and the amazing works that God has done through the people who have served well and loved well through all sorts of seasons. We will fondly remember the cold winters as a thing of our past, but it was character building we are sure.

Now we move on to a new adventure, remember that God’s presence doesn’t live in a pile of bricks but within us.  Although the buildings are beautiful and built for the purpose of worshipping God, WE are in fact the CHURCH. So as we move on so does God, he comes with us and has gone before us.

You can now find Immanuel Church at Central CE Academy on a Sunday morning.  Central can be found on Orchard Street and the gates will be open for you to be able to drive into the school and curve around the back of the building to park.  There will be a coned off area which we will keep as a safe space for the kids and youth to use, so please do avoid that area with your car.

All are welcome as we start this new adventure together, come and see how we look and feel in our new space and of course, refreshments will be there, along with some cakes on July 9th as we celebrate together.

Central CE Academy, Orchard Street, PO19 1DQ