Augusta Court is a care home in Winterbourne which Immanuel has had a connection with for many years. Keith and Marjorie were there as support and from the beginning when we went in to lead a few services of remembrance. From this grew the idea of a group who would go in regularly to take a service.

So now a team of us of us go in on a Monday afternoon on a fortnightly basis. We call it the ‘Fellowship Hour’ and we lead a service from the front. Although it is very informal and relaxed. We always have a theme. We have some “old ” hymns that the folk will recognise but also modern choruses with actions. We have drama, reminiscences, stories and jokes but always¬† a gospel message. We aim to make it a time when any resident will feel comfortable and not excluded but we long for each person to feel the love and presence of Jesus during this time.

The staff are present and also often residents relatives come on a Monday so that they can share in the time. The residents are at all stages: some very alert and interactive: in fact one of them always has some jokes ready to tell us. We have made so many friends and we chat before and afterwards.