Advent is here

Sunday marked the New Year for the Christian calendar and we begin the season of preparation.  We can become so busy in preparing for the holidays that we can begin to miss the point.  At Immanuel we want to focus on the reality of Advent, beyond chocolate and toy calendar’s. Pete Greig, founder of 24-7 […]

New Minister

We are so excited to announce that our new minister has been appointed.  Paul Collins – he has accepted and we are now in the motions of moving his family to Chichester to join our Immanuel family.  Below are a few words from him!  These are very exciting times for us and we can’t wait […]

Senior Leaders July Update

Simon Dyson and Stephen Blamire, our Senior Leaders (Bishop’s Representatives) gave an update to the church family on Sunday 17th July. If you were not there, or want to have another listen to their report, here it is: (Click on the arrow to start… use headphones for better quality)


Strategy 2016 to 2019

After helpful contributions from many of our Church Family on what we feel God is saying to us at this time, we presented an overview of what you have been saying to us at our Annual General Meeting on Monday 21st March at Fordwater School. There were also a number of prophetic words and pictures […]