Dance, Drama, Visual Art

Dance features in our services from time to time and has captured something of the heartbeat of the church as we explore visual and performing arts in our worship and mission.

Ruth Gaucheron-Land is a trained contemporary dancer, and together with Dani Taylor, Holly Sabin, Diana Moon and others we will be exploring more ways to use this expressive art-form in the life and work of our church.

We want to develop drama performance that demonstrate the creativity of God and communicate powerful messages about His love and purpose for our lives.

There are many of us in our community who have a creative flare and together we are exploring what that means when it collides with our faith.  We have all been impacted at some point through the arts and it will have stirred something inside us – our spirit – this takes us on a journey of thoughts and processing which is an exciting way to communicate with God and the world around us.

We believe that there is a place for the prophetic artists in every sphere of life. God will use all things to see His Kingdom come.