This group is for Secondary School aged young people in the Chichester area.

Every week during term time Deeper Group meets on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-9pm.  It is a great time of being together and talking out some of today’s issues for young people.  We look at the biblical truths together, pray, worship and above all else we have fun.

Each week that we meet at Swanfield, we’ll have a World Record challenge!  From balancing CDs on your finger, to eating After Eights and fitting a double duvet into its sheet – we’re aiming for a place in the record books!


This term we are studying the Spiritual Habits – things we can do to bring us closer to God.  We’ll be exploring how to pray, fast and worship.  Finding out what it means to live simply and spending times in solitude and silence, we hope to be better connected to God’s heart by the end of the term.


We think stories are brilliant and we want our young people to be drenched with testimony of people who have gone before them.  Each month we’ll have a special guest who will bring their story and help us learn from what God’s shown them over the years.

Deeper Adventure

Once a month, we have a Deeper Adventure.  This is an opportunity for young people to take part in various adventures & challenges.  Once a month we will go off site and do something fun like bowling, archery, treasure-hunting, BBQs on the beach, and much more!