Since 2010, Immanuel Church has been running a community choir as one of its community projects. As New Community Choir, it was started by one of our previous ministers Steve Flashman, who is also a professional musician. Since Steve moved away in 2016, our conductor Emma Eberhardt has continued to run the Choir as musical director.

The Choir is definitely NOT a church choir in the usual sense – we sing pop songs and the majority of our members have no other connection with a church. It’s a community choir because it’s open to anyone to join, we perform without charge at local community events, and have regular concerts to raise funds for charities. We aim to keep membership fees low, so that cost need not prevent anyone from joining. We are a community of those who love singing, and support each other through friendship.

The Choir is run on a Not for Profit basis, relying on a team of Immanuel members as volunteers: Sue Lindars accompanying on guitar, Alex Blakely and Peter Bradley on sound desk, Richard and Jill Riley as Administrators, and others helping with weekly set up, handling subscriptions etc.

In 2017 the Choir went through some important changes. Like the Church, in July the Choir moved from Graylingwell Chapel to the Central CE Academy. Then came a change of name: after seven years, we felt the Choir could no longer be called New, so we changed the name to Chichester Community Choir.

The Choir meets for rehearsals every Tuesday evening in term time from 7 to 8.30pm, in the main hall at Central CE Academy. We have tea, coffee, biscuits and chat on offer from 6.30pm.

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