Every Sunday during term time, a family from the church hosts the students and young people for Sunday lunch after the service has finished.  It’s a mix between just being together, enjoying some excellent hospitality and discussions about life and faith!  If you are a student or a young person and would like to be a part of this group, please contact Nick – you’re very welcome!

Emma, a student who has been involved at Immanuel for several years, says “The first thing that attracted me to Immanuel Church was the warm welcome I received as a quiet Fresher at the University.  I walked into the Chapel and straight away people were offering me their friendship, and offering me to lunch! Food always helps convince students, and Immanuel was very aware of this!! I have been able to be involved in many different church events, and as a musician I was welcomed onto the worship team.

The official Student Cell Group has grown out of the hospitality that Immanuel is so practiced at – after the service on Sunday we head off to a church member’s house, have an amazing meal, and then have a peer-led study.

If you are a student/young person then please come along to a service on Sunday morning and you will be able to join in with us. We look forward to meeting you! :)”